Hassle Free, No Pressure, Simple, Honest

We Buy Houses in St. Louis

Selling your house should not be a hectic process. We offer no hassle solutions that ensures a smooth, easy going experience. 

  • No Realtor fees
  • No inspections
  • No repairs
  • No cleaning

… just collect your cash at your convenience!

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We are a Family Owned and Operated Business. We Buy Houses in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas.

When you work with the “big guys”, they incorporate their overhead into the offers that they provide to you, which equals less money in your pocket.


When you work with small business’s like us, you don’t have to pay for all of the overhead, this puts more money in your pocket.


Not only do we have less overhead versus the big online buyers, but we flip the houses ourselves, again, putting more money in your pocket.


Not only do we flip the houses ourselves but we have our own rehab crews. Most flippers that contract all of the rehab work out will pay an extra 20% for contractor fees. We don’t have that cost, again, putting more money in your pocket.


Most house buyers will work as “wholesalers” and assign your contract to a flipper, they will of course charge you a markup for that service we don’t. 99% of the time we rehab the homes ourselves and flip them on the MLS (through a Realtor).


To add to the ways that we’re putting more money in your pocket, we have an in-house Realtor (Tammy). This allows us to pay you more because we save on Realtor fees on the back-end.


We are truly a “cut-out-all middle men” business and look forward to hearing from you.


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Hassle free, no pressure, easy as pie. Give us a call.

We make the house selling process easy and comfortable

We buy houses in St Louis and surrounding areas in any condition and for any reason. Including but not limited to:

  • Foreclosure/ Pre-Foreclosure
  • Probate Houses
  • Inherited houses
  • Divorced/ Need to sell Fast
  • Senior Living
  • Selling Quickly
  • Selling As-Is
  • Selling and want no Realtor Fees
  • Shortsales
  • Burned Out Landlord

We are extremely responsive and courteous every step of the way. Our team offers a “no-pressure” environment to make this as easy on you as possible. 


Sometimes, you may need to stay in your home a little while after closing… no problem.


Sometimes, you need to leave some items behind on your adventure forward… no problem.


No repairs needed, no inspections, deals are always As-Is and done at your leisure. 

Our Process for Buying Your House

Our system to buying houses has been refined to make the entire process as easy on you as physically possible. 


Setup Appointment

We setup a time that works for you to walk through your home. Appointments can be made any day of the week.


We do a quick walkthrough of your home to determine associated costs on our end.

We Make Offer

We make you a fair offer and get it to you typically the next day.

Wait For Closing

After signing the contract, we wait for the closing date that works the best for you.

You Get Paid

You collect your money in the form of a check or bank wire depending on how you choose to set it up with the Title company.

We Ask For Review

Small family oriented businesses like us don’t have budgets for fancy marketing, so we rely on reviews from our customers.

Remember, we buy houses in St. Louis and surrounding areas and will make the process as painless as possible. Give us a call today.

Call Us Today for FREE Consultations

Hassle free, no pressure, easy as pie. Give us a call.

What Houses do We Buy?

Life happens and sometimes it happens fast and hard. If you find yourself in one of the many situations where it's imperative for you to sell your house fast, we will buy your house and we will buy your house for cash.
We buy any house

We Buy Houses in General

Things happen, economies decline, jobs get lost, accidents happen, our kids move and we decide to follow them, sometimes we are just moving on in life… There’s countless numbers of reasons of why we might end up selling our house.


We can accommodate you in each one of those situations.


We buy houses in disrepair, we buy them in good shape. We buy houses in your neighborhood, we buy them in your friends neighborhood. 


We buy houses in “as-is” condition in the STL area, as quickly or as slowly as you need. No need to do repairs, no need to pay Realtor fees, no having to wait 30- 60 days.

We Buy Foreclosures/ Pre-Foreclosures

Sometimes we fall behind on our home payments because of life’s obstacles. Banks can be unforgiving and hard to deal with.


We can get on a phone call with you and your bank, we do this often, negotiating on your behalf. Sometimes the bank will agree to terms.

Some of the approaches we take with them:

  • Modify the loan
  • Add the arrears on the back of the loan
  •  Add someone else to strengthen the loan
  • Govt. loan assistance

Sometimes they will cooperate. When they absolutely will not work with you, we can make you a cash offer on your home.


These situations are typically time sensitive therefore we make sure to have funds available quickly to buy your house if you want to move forward. 

We buy preforclosures
we buy probate houses

We Buy Probate Houses

When you inherit a home from a relative or a close friend you could find yourself in a tough situation.


Sometimes the home can need a lot of costly repairs or have really high property taxes that make it unaffordable for you. Or maybe you already have a home and don’t want the responsibility of a second house.


If you try to sell it on the MLS you will run into some potential headaches. Deals can fall through, home buyers or lenders can demand repairs, realtor fees, closing fees and long closing times are all deterrents of people who would like to make this a headache free situation.


If you find yourself in this situation, we can help. As you can tell by now, we will buy your St Louis area house for cash with no repairs. You can even leave all of the junk behind and we’ll do all of the heavy lifting. The overall goal is to make the this a hassle free process for you.