About Us

Most companies will use their “About Us” page for more marketing but as a small family business we want you to get to know us and our team because our business model is based on trust and satisfaction, not volume.


Richard is our Lead Craftsman and Project Manager with residential home remodeling experience dating back to 2001. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Richard has been a business owner since 2007 and excels at streamlining the different processes to make sure that every step runs cost effective and super smoothly.

Tammy is half owner and carries her Real Estate license in the state of Missouri. She uses her expertise in that arena to ensure everything is done properly and that satisfaction of the deal encompasses both sides of the transaction.

She likes to help with design and layout during the rehab process and has a keen eye for trendy styles.

Our rehab team consists of hard working professionals. With a combined total of roughly 60 years worth of experience combined, there is no house that can scare us off. We all enjoy working with our hands while beautifying neighborhoods 1 home at a time. 


We have a refined process for balancing the houses that we rehab to keep us from doing too much work on your home to allow more money to go in your pocket but at the same time making the house appropriate for future home owners.

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