Looking to Sell your House? We'll Buy it

We buy houses in any condition so no worrying about that bad foundation or leaking roof, that doesn’t scare us away. Whatever your reason for selling is we can help you out very quickly.

Most of our clients want to get top dollar for their house considering the condition it’s in and since we mainly rehab the houses ourselves we can offer you more. Other companies will buy your house for as cheap as possible and then turn around and sell it to a rehabber. There’s nothing wrong with that, however they have to make their pound of flesh also. The typical real estate wholesaler fee is between 8-12k.

Most of the times we are much cheaper simply because we rehab the houses ourselves, conveniently cutting out the middle man.

The houses we buy in St.Louis are bought with integrity and rehabbed with spirit. As craftsmen we enjoy the art/architecture that is involved with residential buildings. We enjoy re-structuring, updating and creating finishes that are very pleasant to the eye.

Our houses always get professional treatment that meets or exceeds the finish level of the neighboring houses.

The professionals we hire are experts in their trades and deliver a superior product.

You may ask, “why do I care about this?”. Well, most of our clients have lived in their homes for sometime and have made good relationships not only with the immediate neighbors but with the entire neighborhood. They prefer to sell their home to a business that looks at their house as a home, a small representation of the neighborhood as a whole. They want to preserve the essence that built the life long relationships.

We rehab with that in mind. We like to leave our footprint in your community better than what we started with.